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About Stack Bash

Stack Bash is a tool that prepares new and veteran software engineering candidates for the coding interview.

Hi, I'm Rohit Sahay, founder of Stack Bash. I'm a self-taught programmer with 10+ years of software engineering experience.

I've written all kinds of software - from low level embedded software (C, Assembly, etc.) to web applications (Python, Javascript, etc.)

As a self-taught programmer, I could always code and build cool things, like a website or a mobile app.

But after I graduated from Georgia Tech, I quickly learned that working professionally as a software engineer is different. Especially when you're being evaluated as a candidate.

The most dreadful part for me was the coding interview. Sure I could code, but can I pass a test given by software companies?

I didn't major in Computer Science. So I didn't know anything about a linked list or a stack.

To prep for my own coding interviews, I've juggled through many resources over the years. I've also interviewed hundreds of candidates.

My key takeaways are what I wish someone told me

  • Build a solid foundation in data structures and algorithms
  • Learn the various patterns to solve coding problems. No need to memorize algorithms or problems.
  • Get sufficient practice. Don't wait until you try to solve a gigantic list of problems.

If you follow these steps, you'll not only be ready for your next interview, but also be able to navigate your career in tech with confidence.

That's exactly why I created Stack Bash. It's the resource that I wish I had way earlier in my career.

Stack Bash is designed for software engineers at any level to get ready for technical interviews. And most of it is free.

If you have any questions or simply want to chat, reach out to me personally at