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Search a sorted matrix

Given a sorted matrix of numbers of size m x n, and a target number, write a function that determines if the target number exists in the matrix.
For example, if your function recieves the following 3x3 matrix and target number:
matrix = [
[1, 3, 8],
[9, 21, 24],
[25, 28, 32]
target = 7
Your function should return False.
Given the same matrix, if the target is 21, your function should return True.
Note that every row is sorted. Each row starts with a number that is greater than the last number from the previous row.

Try it

Before you look at the solution, try to code it yourself.


Time and Space Complexity

Since we cut the problem in half in each iteration, the time complexity is O(log n).
There is no additional space required. So the space complexity constant O(1).

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